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$195.00 ea. (includes installation/operation manual)

Function: converts second 8 channels of a Microstar card analog 0-10 vdc
to DMX; compliant with USITT DMX 512 1190 protocol

Size: 1.50” H X 3.00” L (mounts in IIe AUX slot)

Board connectors: micro screw terminals for analog input and DMX output

Microstar interface: DB 25 male/female connector (plugs into Microstar rear panel DB 25 connector)

DMX ouput: standard 5-pin female XLR on pigtail cable

Power: 12 vdc from IIe internal video connector

Analog input: absolute maximum 10 vdc (over 10 vdc will set DMX outputs to zero)

Indicators: Red LED for 12 vdc power Green LED for .25 vdc or greater analog input

Warranty: one year parts, labor, and return shipping

Custom versions available with more channels or adding DMX ouput to existing analog controllers, etc.

Dimmer Ideas would like to introduce you to a simple, reliable, and cost-effective addition to either
your existing analog control console or a Microstar memory system -- digital control for the latest moving lights and color changers!

Practical moving lights and accessories were introduced around 1986. They operated on analog
0-10vdc control systems just like your Microstar.

As with control consoles and dimmers, eventually most manufacturers moved to using some form of digital control which then left users of existing analog systems unable to use the latest moving lights and accessories.

Just as Microstar has enables you to have memory control of your existing analog dimming system, dmx8 is an interface that enables your present analog console or Microstar computer to control the latest standard DMX (Digital Multiplex) moving lights and accessories.

While the only moving lights or automated fixtures really suitable (or quiet enough) for theatrical use cost several thousand dollars each, there are two “accessories” which can provide great creative benefit at reasonable cost--the moving mirror attachment for ellipsoidal, Fresnel, or PAR cans, and the
color scroller.

Imagine needing 12 “specials” in your next show. Normally this means hanging 12 separate instruments and using 12 dimmers and control channels, assuming you have all this to spare! One moving mirror attached to an existing instrument can do the same job (if the 12 specials are only used one at a time).

Dimmer Ideas has found that Rosco’s I-CUE moving mirror attachment works extremely well in this application. It is totally silent and very accurate, using only 2 channels of control for the pan and tilt functions. Its only drawback is a cost of about $650 including the required power supply. Because
I-CUE uses the DMX-512 digital control protocol of newer lighting consoles, you will need our dmx8 interface for your Microstar memory control system.

Example number two is the color scroller which also attaches to the front of most lighting instruments and allows you to change the gel to one of 11-16 colors at any time. A pair of color scrollers can add much flexibility to any production by providing changeable color washes. These also use the DMX-512
protocol, and while somewhat expensive at around $400 each and then another $400-$500 for a
power supply (also I-CUE compatible), they can take the place of several conventional fixtures needed to accomplish the same task. The 8-channel dmx8 interface will put both I-CUE and scrollers under Microstar control!

For further information on I-CUE, visit:
Rosco International

For further information on color scrollers, visit:
Apollo Design Technology
Wybron Incorporated

There are many other brands and types of DMX devices available--the above examples
are two that are useful in almost every production.

For current Microstar users, our dmx8 interface board mounts inside the Apple IIe and gets its power internally so no extra power supplies are needed and all expansion slots are still available. The dmx8 cable adapter is then plugged in between a Microstar card’s DB-25 rear panel connector and the dimmer control cable. The DMX output cable is routed out the rear of the computer; installation is now
complete and you are ready to connect I-CUEs, color scrollers, or other DMX devices!

The price of the dmx8 for Microstar with one year warranty is $195.00

For retrofit into your current analog console, the dmx8 can be supplied as a
“stand-alone” external box. Pricing depends on types of connectors/cables
required for interfacing with your present console.


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