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Microstar II

  • Simple to use intuitive commands
  • 16 channels per card/96 channel capacity
  • 250 cues stored on floppy disk
  • Full Screen live & blind cue & channel levels displays
  • Separate X & Y 0-999.9 sec. fade times
  • Copy, Insert (point cues), delete & Loop functions
  • Load from existing analog manual console or keypad
  • Low-cost manual crossfader/go unit
  • Analog inputs/outputs
  • Easily adaptable to different control voltages
  • Tone cue synchronizer (sync to music)
  • Built-in owner's manual
  • Built-in self-testing diagnostics
  • Proven in 15 years of use
Microstar was originally produced in 1982 as an alternative to expensive and complex dedicated memory lighting controllers. The easy-to-use software provided an operator-friendly working environment, taking less than an hour to learn. The Apple IIe computer offered a readily available and reliable hardware platform since it was the first mass-produced and popular personal computer. As one of the most successful models in computing history, the Apple IIe is still running educational programs in many schools. As a result, complete systems and parts are widely available at low cost as they are replaced by newer technology. Original Microstar systems are still in use running productions today.

As Microstar users for nearly 15 years, the principals of Dimmer Ideas realized that Microstar could offer educational and community theaters a feature-packed, reliable, and cost effective way to upgrade typical analog (0-10 vdc or similar) two scene preset control systems to computerized (memory) control without the costly conversion to DMX. Your existing preset console can be used to load cues into memory and provide hands-on touch up to cues played from memory. The "cue sheet screen" and the "channel levels screen" displayed on the computer monitor are intelligently laid out and the software commands are intuitive. Microstar is the easiest memory system to use anywhere! An optional manual crossfade/go unit is available. It's also easy to run a remote video monitor to the lighting designer's desk in the house.

To make a long story short, Dimmer Ideas located the inventor of Microstar and commissioned a new production run of control cards. Thoroughly experienced in Microstar and Apple technologies, Dimmer Ideas offers the cards or complete systems, installation, and service after the sale to make your existing lighting system even more productive. If you have access to an Apple, call for a free genuine 5.25" floppy disk DEMO COPY of the Microstar software and give it a test drive today--the instruction manual is also on the disk! Move up to Microstar!

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