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STARCARD by Dove Systems is a DOS-based, mouse-operated, software/hardware solution for adding computer memory lighting control to existing stage lighting systems.

STARCARD requires only an XT or AT class PC computer with DOS operating system (not Windows), with one available full-length expansion slot, 3.5” floppy disk drive, and VGA monitor.

STARCARD has 96 channels, can control up to 480 dimmers, has two timed crossfader pairs, 252 available cues, and outputs either AMX or standard DMX. Up to four complete shows can be stored on one floppy disk.

Other features are proportional softpatch, looped cues, insert cues, blind cue setting, cue, submaster, and dimmer labels, and split fade/delay times.

STARCARD will accept AMX, DMX, or up to sixty 0-10 vdc analog control inputs.

The VGA color display can show live or blind channel levels/cues, cuesheet, submaster assignments, and softpatch. Alphanumeric labelling is available through the computer keyboard.

An optional submaster console contains two pairs of manual crossfaders, master fader, and 18 submaster sliders.

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